Career Assessment

Interests, values, strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

In order to understand where I professionally am and where I’m going, it’s important to be honest and introspective. In conducting such an exercise, I’m framing my career under a number of lenses, including interests, values, strengths, weaknesses, and goals. By publishing this assessment, I’m better motivated to regularly evaluate how I’ve progressed and make corrections as needed, so my career becomes as intentional as my design work.


I’m interested in building web software that is adaptable, robust, and reliable.


How I work and behave should be designed, not just the work itself. Courageously make choices to be what should be instead of making choices to continue to be as is.


Skilled in both design and development, I understand how to inform design based on technological constraints and possibilities, as well as how to translate design intention into a practical reality.


Because I balance the roles of a designer and developer, aspects of both are neglected in my practice. It is difficult for me to fully devote to a single role at the expense of the other role.


I want to work in environments which welcome, foster, and empower design and designers. I should share expertise with and contribute back to the communities from which I’ve learned and grown.